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Evaluating the effectiveness of program offerings is critically important in today's competitive environment in order to assure stakeholders that your interventions really work. This means not only testing their effectiveness, but also linking them to real cost improvements or outcomes valued by stakeholders. Establishing effectiveness through empirical linkages requires a scientific approach grounded in data collection, analysis and interpretation. We focus on using measures that stand the best chance of responding to changes central to your program or intervention model.

The Commercial Science Division of Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) is devoted to helping providers deploy scientific behavioral health assessment technologies, outcome measures, and analytical methodologies so that EAPs, MBHOs, wellness companies, disease management entities, treatment agencies, and purchasers can determine the effects or worth of ongoing programs.

We can help you to maximize your program's value by:

  • Empirically testing your intervention and providing scientific documentation that it actually works
  • Monitoring your program's effectiveness over time
  • Constructing measurement tools to scientifically evaluate your program's effectiveness
  • Helping you to show how your program affects your customer's "bottom line"

About Us


I've been very excited to work with Randi to use the suite to demonstrate results and correlations. For example, a lot of people don't miss work because of an EAP issue and it's easy to confuse general time off with time off that's taken because of a personal problem. Tying lost productivity to personal issues is a better measure than looking at general absenteeism. The WOS is an easy tool and provides good variability.

Melissa Richmond Ph.D.
Independent Researcher, Omni

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