"Just read On-site versus Off-Site EAPs in 2nd quarter JEA (2013) and as a researcher finally realized how well WOS can answer my long time clinical questions in just a one sitting…"
Patricia Herlihy, Ph.D.
Owner, Rocky Mountain Research

"The Workplace Outcome Suite provides a comprehensive set of straight-forward, highly applicable and well tested scales that are highly relevant to the evaluation of EAP and other work-related or employer benefit-based services. This free tool offers an opportunity for standardizing and benchmarking your evaluation against a rapidly expanding number of other users. The WOS is also a fantastic solution for those who want to expand the dimensions of their evaluation process into work-related measures".
Beverly Younger, LCSW, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor
Co-Chair, Social Work & Business in a Global Society
School of Social Work
University of Southern California

"Pure Genius."
Stan Granberry, Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Behavioral Consortium

"I've been very excited to work with Randi to use the suite to demonstrate results and correlations. For example, a lot of people don't miss work because of an EAP issue and it's easy to confuse general time off with time off that's taken because of a personal problem. Tying lost productivity to personal issues is a better measure than looking at general absenteeism. The WOS is an easy tool and provides good variability."
Melissa Richmond Ph.D.
Independent Researcher, Omni

"We have state officials looking at the results of the WOS study. Even though we have a large population of employees, they represent many different State departments. We are asking them the same three WOS questions and they are willing to complete the survey even though it takes time."
Randi Wood, Ph.D., Director
Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP)

"We have just begun to include WOS in our utilization report. It's a validated instrument that we can lean o more heavily. Clients are not used to seeing results presented as they are in the WOS, but they 'get it' after it's explained. In fact, companies like to see their level of outcomes compared to those of other businesses. They also appreciate the different constructs it accounts for. For example, understanding how absenteeism impacts their book of business."
David B. Goehner, LCSW, CEPA
Director of EAP Operations and Privacy Officer
Empathia, Inc.

"The WOS shows what we are doing to impact employee engagement, taking it out of the EAP realm and into the workplace arena. It's about the 'social health' of organizations."
Carol Wilson, COO
Empathia, Inc.

"We are using Japanese version of WOS for the past 6 months and just started collecting pre and post results. Our clients (corporations) are looking forward to seeing the results!"
Kaoru Ichikawa, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, JEAP Peacemind Inc.
Director, International EAP Research Institute

"We find the WOS a professional and thoughtfully designed instrument, and one that we anticipate will demonstrate solid improvements and notable service value for us and the EAP industry."
Marcie Bensman, Director of Quality Management
Harris, Rothenberg International

"The WOS provides a much needed data driven approach to measure the impact of EAP services, a valuable asset in a highly scientific work environment such as NIH."
Paul Tewksbury, LCSW-C, CEAP (C)
EAP Consultant- NIH Employee Assistance Program
Division of Occupational Health and Safety, ORS
National Institutes of Health

"The WOS cuts through the marketing hyperbole so common in the EAP industry by measuring the real-world, business relevant impact of our EAP." "It is the first widely available, transparent and valid measurement tool that allows any EAP to efficiently measure program results."

"The WOS goes beyond process and operational metrics to deliver easily accessible data that is actually meaningful to EAP managers, stakeholders and business-minded decision makers."
John C. Pompe, Psy. D., SPHR
Assistant Medical Director
Caterpillar Inc.

"The Chestnut Global Partners WOS survey provided Conocophillips with validated outcomes as opposed to operational metrics typically used in the EAP industry (I.e., utilization rates). These study results help to validate the business case and sustained benefits of behavioral health and EAP usage. ConocoPhillips Behavioral Health & EAP Services plan to work with Chestnut Global Partners to repeat this study in the near future. We're glad to move beyond simple calculations on quantity (counting heads) to quality of care."
Michael J. Hack, LCSW
Manager, Behavioral Health & EAP Services ConocoPhillips Company Houston Medical Clinic

"As a researcher and professor in the employee assistance field, I am thrilled to see the continued development and evaluation of the WOS. Standardized measures such as the WOS are much needed in the EAP field as we move forward with evaluation research and promotion of the profession."
Jodi Jacobson Frey, PhD, LCSW-C
Associate Professor
Chair, Employee Assistance Program Subspecialization Chair,
Financial Social Work Initiative University of Maryland, School of Social Work

"It's a really simple and easy tool to illustrate the impact of EAP service on employee's improvement for our client customers."
Zhuang Wei, MS
Research Coordinator
Beijing, China

"We chose to use the WOS because it offers a flexible and concise measure for demonstrating the effectiveness of emotional well-being programs. We have included it in a randomized trial, along with the Workplace Limitations Questionnaire from Tufts. We're excited to see how our MoodHacker mobile app for depression and mood management measures up with both of these tools!"
Michael D Mulvihill
CEO & President
260 E 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401