Workplace Outcome Suite: Cluster I

Cluster I
Cluster I is the most commonly used measure by EAPs, and reflects the core of the constellation of the most popular representations of productivity. It addresses the need to be away from work, the adverse impact a personal problem has on the employee's ability to work, the extend of an employee's involvement in the work, the adverse reaction an employee's may have to the work place and finally, an employee's satisfaction with his or her life in general. The set addresses a cross-section of relevant workplace-related factors that capture the total impact of person issues on the workplace.

The 5-item Cluster I scale includes:

  • Absenteeism: Number of hours missed at work, including full and part time, due to the presenting issue at hand.
  • Presenteeism: Extent to which the issue at hand adversely affects the respondent's ability to do his or her job.
  • Work engagement: Extent to which the respondent is involved in his or her work.
  • Life satisfaction: Reflection of the work experience in the manner in which it affects the whole life of the employee.
  • Workplace distress: Degree of discomfort associated with the work environment.

The 5 Scale WOS:
We have also created a five-item version of the Workplace Outcome Suiteto reduce scale length, as some providers demanded an extremely short measure. The items that were determined to statistically represented the constructs for presenteeism, work engagement, life satisfaction and workplace distress were retained for four of the items; and we used a a separated simple item measure of absenteeism that collapsed three main items into a single measures for this scale.

Note: Although the 5 scale is directly connected to most of the original 25-item set, it is theoretically less reliable that the full scale, and thus should be used cautiously for small samples or for studies of small effects.



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