Workplace Outcome Suite: Cluster II

Cluster II
Cluster II is used to represent more peripherally related factors that may not be relevant to all employees, since some employees use more healthcare resources than others and may cost the organization more money than others. It contains two scales on the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as job satisfaction and emotional distress.

The five scales in the WOS Cluster II are:

  • Health Care Utilization: The use of health care resources is a common economic indicator of the degree to which the employee's health impacts the organization's health costs.
  • Alcohol Use Lifestyle: This is directed at the degree to which drinking behaviors are part of the respondent's daily lifestyle and affect his/her activities, rather than amounts of alcohol used.
  • Drug Use Lifestyle: Operates the same way as the alcohol scale, but it more oriented toward illicit drug use. It does not address legitimate prescription drug use.
  • Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction reflects the likely involvement the respondents have with daily work operations and tasks. It is a proximal indicator of productivity and can be expected to have a strong relationship with job performance.
  • Emotional Distress: Our measure of emotional distress is not directly tied to productivity, but reflects a general level of negative affect that may or may be associated with the job or workplace. It can be expected to have some distal bearing on work productivity.



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